VRV III Heat Pump (RXYQ)
Daikin's VRV III system is the 7th generation of the original Daikin VRV® launched in 1982. Completely re-engineered to realize opportunities for VRV in taller / larger buildings, it utilizes the latest advances in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. The totally new Daikin Inverter compressor system delivers improved efficiency and performance, while ensuring satisfaction of demands throughout connected zones across the complete operation cycle. With a choice of Heat Pump 460V/3Ph/60Hz or 208-230V/3Ph/60Hz, the system configurations power up to 30-Ton capacity from a single piping network. The system also allows up to 62 indoor fan coil units, a 200% connection index, and integrated controls, with BMS options and piping limitations never before seen with a DX system. With these attributes, VRV III naturally positions itself wherever traditional chilled water systems are desired.

Inverter Heat Pump units allow for either cooling or heating from one system

Up to 62 indoor units can be operated from a single outdoor unit using a variable-speed compressor system with 48 capacity steps

Continuous operation 0°F DB (-4°F WB) – 64°F DB (60°F WB) in heating mode and 23°F DB – 122°F DB in cooling mode

Daikin’s optimized scroll compressor designed for R-410A provides a quiet, reliable energy-efficient operation

Daikin’s management and oil-equalizing technology assures maximum reliability and flexibility to the VRV system with piping lengths of up to 540 ft., for a total networked length of up to 3,280 ft. liquid line.

Anticorrosion treatment standard on exterior metal parts and heat exchanger

Fully compatible with the complete Daikin control suite including Intelligent Touch controller, and the LonWorks® and BACnet® gateways



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